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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Running? Ashleigh? Really?

Yesterday I commited myself to a challenge. I'm trying very hard to uphold my New Year's resolutions and am becoming a little bit of a 'Yes Man', if it means living a fuller, funner life.

So Travis Jesus, a girl I will love forever and ever and is simply amazing, had decided to do the Mother's Day Fun Run. Spontaneous me said yes. Thinking Ashleigh agreed with spontaneous Ashleigh and they are both very happy with their mutual decision. I hate exercising 'for no reason', so this will give me a reason.
Anyhow, seeing as the Fun Run actually includes running, I thought I should start training ASAP. Otherwise for me the fun run will be a fun hobble. Today I walked and jogged  (fartlek training I think its called) 3.8km in 30 mins. I think in fit people terms, this is probably terrible. But I'm not fit, so I was happy. 

I started working out the logistics of this fun run D-wise. First up, it became pretty apparant that I need to get some sort of running belt to hold all my D-crap. Like a Spi-Belt. Tomorrow I will drag Hugh out to some sort of sporting apparel store and he can buy me one for our anniversy (which he will be happy with becasue he won't have to think of what to get me). I think I will also go and see if I can swangle an Accu-Chek mobile from the rep next week, so I can have an all-in-one glucometer, lancing device and built in strips. Currently I have D-supplies exploding everywhere which won't make running any easier. 
As I build up my fitness (or so I hope) I will have to figure out my pump settings. Today in half an hour I dropped 4 points.
Exercise and BGLs
And thats where Ivy comes in. I kept my pump on, but on suspend during my walog (walk/jog), so that my CGM (Ivy) could continue to transmit exactly what was happening. It was a pretty steady decrease, which was good, instead of a sharp decrease. I'll continue on with Ivy and see what she tells me. Next time I'll carbo-load beforehand and see what happens, if I peak and drop or hold steady.
Ivy - The Face of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
And right about now TJ is probably wondering what she got herself into. Me? I'm excited as all hell!!! Bring it on.

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