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Monday, 9 September 2013

Japan: Take 1

My 1st day in Japan has come and gone. It was adventurous and exciting and you can read what I did at my other blog, 'Tonyobyo in Tokyo'.

Being that this is my diabetes blog, I will be chronicling my diabetes in Japan. Which so far has been a bit of a challenge. All I can say is: Thank gosh for CGM and 10kg cabin baggage allowances (I will upload a photo later of the massive amounts of D stuff I managed to squish into 1 bag).

The plane trip, diabetes wise went ok. I ran myself higher, at about 10 - 13 to avoid the post-landing hypo that I always seem to get. I changed the time on my pump and was set to go diabetes wise for that day.

Today went not so awesome. I did a set change - 1st set change in the Northern Hemisphere for me! That was fine. I inserted my CGM, for which I had bought a new box of sensors just for our Japan trip. The CGM had kicked in and asked for a calibration at about 10.30am. I calibrated with a BG of 7.1. About 1/2 an hour later I was getting alarms from my CGM and caught my hypo at 3.7. Yay for CGM! My CGM was accurate the whole day which was great - I think I stopped about 4 or 5 more potential hypos that would have added to the 3 I did have.

Definitely recommend CGM for ttravel for that peace of mind and abilitgy to manage before the event in terms of hypos/highs.

The rest of the day I spent battling becoming or actually being low in the extreme humidity of Tokyo. My estimation at the end of the day was that I had had my pump disonnected or on suspend for about 8 hours all up during the day. I even tried a temp basal of 30%, which didn't work.

At dinnertime, despite having been on suspend for 3 hours (aka NO insulin delivery for 3 hours) my BG fell to 4.1 again so we had a rushed dinner at something that resembled a Mo's burger, but was called 'Buckers' or something equally as weird. I gave myself only 1/2 the recommended insulin at dinner and ended up on 4.5 2 hours later.

The highest I reached all day was 10.9, with the lowest 3.3 thanks to my CGM.

Excuse my Red undies in the background

Tomorrow is a new day. I'll try a 10% temp basal (which will equate to less than 0.05U/P/H) tomorrow and see how it goes.

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