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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

NYE - 1 pump

I was going to post tonight about the year that was - 2014 & my achievements, happiest moments and the other necessary stuff you talk about at NYE to get you all pumped and excite for the coming New Year.

Diabetes didn't agree. To be totally honest, I think it was feeling left out. I haven't been blogging much (you might have noticed. Or not.) as of late as diabetes has taken a back seat to my fast-approaching wedding and all the plans I have been making for it. I will catch up, I promise. In addition to being too exhausted by seating plans (as an ACOD seating plans actually need a ridiculous amount of attention) to catch up with the happenings of the DOC, I have paid much less attention to my Diabetes. I still give insulin and still check my BGLs, but thats kind of as far as it goes. Refining basal/bolus rates and properly counting carbs is not high on the list of priorities right now.

So perhaps that's why, as I sat down to enjoy my last meal of 2014, my pump malfunctioned. Button Error. Message of death. However you want to interpret it.

Seriously, it couldn't have waited? I didn't even get to bolus for the deliciously carby meal on my plate. Mostly I was annoyed that I had put on nice clothes, brushed my hair and made myself presentable, and I had to turn around and go home. I even went to the effort of putting on make-up!

I never planned for a big night. As previously lamented, my diabetes is not friends with alcohol. But I would have liked to have been able to go out for a lemon lime & bitters & maybe see the fireworks, provided I could keep my eyes open.

Dinner became a hurried affair, so we could dash off home & make sure I had some long acting insulin in the fridge. I do. Score. AND it was in date. double -score. Then it was off to call the Help Line, The wonderful Help Line of Medtronic. When they say 24 hour, they mean 24 hour. Even Christmas. I asked.

I've now settled in, taken my cold Levemir direct from the fridge, and looking through my closet for clothes that I avoid because they're hard to wear without a pump. Hey, if I'm going to be pump -free until at least Monday/Tuesday next week due to setbacks of the public holiday variety, I may as well make the most of it by wearing non-pump friendly clothing .

The funny thing is, Medtronic has just released the new pump which I desperately wanted. Or so I thought. Now I honestly just want my working pump back, ANY working pump back. Maybe this was a lesson, never to take such amazing technology for granted. After all, my pump allows me to eat when I want (note to self: remember regular meals), eat what I want, sleep in, exercise on a whim (this wedding body aint gonna shape itself). Its been 3 1/2 hours and I feel like I'm missing a part of me.

And just to reiterate how amazing the DOC is: they got me transitioned back to needles in no time, and I had so many offers of long acting insulin when I wasn't sure if I had any. The DOC is definitely on my list of things to carry through to the New Year.

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