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Saturday, 10 January 2015

The arrival of Luna Lovegood.

Luna Lovegood came into my life this past hot, humid Monday. Her arrival was announced by the sudden screaming of an air raid alarm my doorbell*. I waited 5 days for her to arrive. 5 long, confusing, up and up blood sugar days.

She was hurriedly thrust through my doorway by an irate muggle delivery man, who demanded I make an unbreakable vow before I could take her. I signed my life away for her.

In awe, I took this beautiful being into my home. I carefully pulled her from her travelling confines and set her up at the table. Gazing upon the power of her. Staring at the beautiful blue.

Hurriedly, I couldn't wait anymore. My new pump. I had forgotten my morning Levemir so she had arrived in perfect time. She sang as I set her up. I hated the singing and told her to shut up. I quietened her to a hum, as I set about tasking her to become my perfect companion.

I connected her up. Relief flooded through me.  Luna Lovegood, the carefree spirit, allowing me to be me again. And doing some serious magic on my BGLs.

* - I'm not even kidding. Everytime someone rings the buzzer to my unit, I think we are under attack.

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