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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Blog Week Day 5 - Foods on Friday

Taking a cue from Adam Brown's recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.

First up, I missed yesterday. I know. I was horribly horribly sick with the flu. I think the topic was something about change for yesterday. So if I could change anything about my diabetes it would be that I don't have to deal with it while I've got a flu. Diabetes should come with a pause button when you're dealing with stuff like that.

Moving on. Food. I didn't eat any today, so I can't really tell you about it. The thought of it made me feel nauseous.

I did however find my most recent shopping docket. It said I paid less than $90 for a fortnight's worth of food shopping, so you can already tell I'm cheap and stingy and I definitely buy homebrand.

  • 1kg bag of carrots. 99c. They're the mong looking ones nobody actually wants so they sell them heaps cheap. I use carrots in EVERYTHING.
  • Bag of Spinach. Again....SPINACH for everything
  • A lettuce
  • A can of beetroot. I come from bogan australian heritage (and somehow managed to escape it), so beetroot belongs in everything.
  • I managed to get a box of Special K on sale. That's breakfast for 2 weeks. It has pretty good protein levels so I always grab a few packs when its on sale. If its not on sale I like to eat cardboard Homebrand Cornflakes for breakfast.
  • Bought a roast chicken for half price at $5. Made 3 days worth of gnocchi chicken bake out of it and still had enough left over for Hubby & my lunch the next day.                                   
  • A head of brocolli
  • Went to the fruit & veg store & get tomatoes for $2 a kilo. Throw them in everything that gets cooked. I am fussy though and refuse to eat them raw. 
  • A cucumber. Om nom nom. I have a habit of just garnishing everything with cucumber. 
  • 3L of full cream milk. For cereal & Sustagen milkshakes. Sustagen is my go-to when I want dessert but know I shouldn't really have dessert
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF POPPERS!! For lows. (Popper are juiceboxes for those of you reading from America)
  • Some oaty slice bars (good for protein). They weren't on special so we got 1 box. If they're on special we get 2. If you havent tried oaty slice bars you haven't lived. They're like a cake mixed with a biscuit but in the form of an oat-rich muesli bar. They use real chocolate in the chocolate chip bars. Its amazing in my mouth.
  • A 2kg bag of chickpeas for roasting from the Asian Food Market (FYI - cheapest place to get them is in bulk at asian grocery stores - about half the price of a supermarket). We roasted up 200gm with moroccan spices the other day & this week we will oven-roast another lot with salt and vinegar flavouring - great healthy snack if you're craving chips.
  • A loaf of bread for sandwhiches
  • Ham for ham and salad sandwiches
  • A block of Light tasty cheese
  • A block of Colby cheese (much better for melting)
  • Some wraps
  • Home brand toilet paper
  • Mince (bulk & freeze in small bags)
  • Lasagne sheets. Not the expensive stuff from the fresh section. Just get the dry homebrand stuff, if you pre-soak it as you're cooking it tastes a whole lot better than the fresh stuff, and you can store it for much longer
  • Spaghetti
  • Basmati rice. Probably one of the only non-homebrand things I buy, because homebrand always seems to come with weavels :S
  • Apples. Red delicious were cheapest this time
  • Half a pine-apple for $1.49. To have with yoghurt.
  • Grapes!
  • Mandarins. 
  • Yoghurt. Whatever brand it is that hubby likes - Chobani? I like the 5am brand honey & cinnamon flavour but it can be very expensive.
  • Sausages! The bulk pack is cheapest and we just freeze them and live off them for months 
  • Couscous. A super cheap side for anything really. Mix in Sundried tomato, beetroot, spinach & fetta and you have a super delicious side for sausages or steak, etc.
Some more stuff that was boring & householdy.

We did already have a lot of meat in freeze, like chicken that we'd previously got on sale. And the time before when we went shopping tomato paste was on special so I bought 50 billion jars of that.

We try to do healthy stuff but honestly....cake exists in the world. 


  1. Oh no, hope you feel better quickly! Also, impressive you could get out of the store for $90, my bill always gets way too high

    1. Thanks Kelley! Flu is kicking my butt so Im a little behind on blogging...and noticed everyone is writing amazing blogs that I can't wait to read when I have energy back.

      We've got shopping to a budget down to a fine art. It normally means running between Aldi, Coles, Woolies, The fruit & Veg Store & the butcher. Its only something you can do when you have at least 2 - 3 hours to spare :S. We'll probably get lazy when we have kids and spend $100s on the bill then

  2. The bogan never quite wears off. Mine comes out when I'm driving or watching the football ;)

    I'm pleased to see you acknowledge the importance of cake. Feel better soon!

    1. Definitely when driving! I'm also not oppossed to turning up to the shopping center in my uggs & occassionally PJs if its after 6pm.

      Thanks, lots of rest & I will get there.