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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Diabetes Blog Week Day 3: Wild Card - My Day in Food

Some people track every bite they eat, some might not remember at lunch time what they had for breakfast or if they even had breakfast. For one day, document everything you or your loved one with diabetes eats and drinks. The good, the bad, the ugly, the proud, the ashamed, the...whatever. We promise not to judge!!

I am intrigued by this topic. I am an advocate of the notion that being fed is better than not being fed, and so therefore encourage no judgement on any food consumed. The topic, even though it is judgement -free, is still asking me to evaluate what I put in my mouth and when.

So it is with trepidation that I start about evaluating my food choices for the day.

 A bowl of cereal, not measured, eaten hurriedly at my desk at work. I eat Special-K because my husband tells me it has an acceptable protein level. I don't really care about that, but he does, so I continue to eat my cardboard tasting cereal. I don't know what happened today, but my BGL afterwards was 16, when normally for the exact same meal every morning my BG is at 6 - 7. I guess diabetes just wanted to remind me that its still hanging around.

BGL back to normal! I had a meeting at 10am, so made a hot chocolate and had a half an oaty slice muesli bar to tide me over until lunch.

I was *swear word-ing* lazy this morning when I got up, and skipped the making lunch part of getting ready. There's not too much open for lunch right near my work, so I went to Maccas to have a banana bread. Banana bread is basically my thing. I would sell my kidney for a good slice of banana bread, and Maccas do some of the best, even though I refuse to eat anything else off their menu.

Its the afternoon, so I was dropping. I had the last half of my muesli bar and some crackers that I found in my snack drawer at work. It did the trick and I was able to drive home without having to down an over-heated popper. Score.

Still bloody tired, so I napped when I got home and didn't plan dinner. The result was a Grill'd burger and some sweet potato fries.

Typing this list shows me that I still hate seeing what I have eaten. From morning tea onwards I can only tell myself that I am a horrible human being when it comes to food. At least tomorrow I have a later start and will have time to make a salad sandwich for lunch.

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  1. Look at what I've eaten and you'll see you're not a horrible person :)

    1. Thanks...I hate seeing my food typed out. I guess its just that guilt of seeing that I didn't choose any vegies that day. (But I made up for it today).

  2. Well, you've done better than I do most days, so there's that. Thanks for sharing this... I know it's not easy.

    1. Thank you Stephen :) So long as we're fed, I think thats really all we should focus on.

  3. Aw your day doesn't sound so bad to me...I had two cupcakes yesterday! Ah haha

  4. Boo I fell so behind on reading blogs. Good on you for putting up what you eat. Nothing to be ashamed of in there!