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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Date With Lewis

It has been made. A date with Lewis. Today after my meeting with my DE we decided on a pump start date for Lewis. Or, what will be Lewis eventually, once my PHI kicks in (8th of May 2013). I am starting on a Medtronic loan pump in the meantime. I think I will call my interum pump 'Scarlett' because Scarlett sounds like she gets about a bit. Not that I mind at all. She's doing me for free after all.

The drawback to a loan pump is all the extra paperwork. This is where I am really glad I work where I work. Managing to dodge a few (expensive) bullets because reps like to keep  the Drs happy :)

So my countdown has started. 11th of August 2012, the day I become a Cyborg.  Almost. Sort of. Maybe not really at all but who cares? I for one am excited. I can't wait to have my pancreas dangling on the inside of my pocket or hanging in my bra. Really, who else gets to play around with one of their vital organs on a regular basis?

I am super excited. I am also sure that partner is also super excited. Mostly because I'll stop walking around the house chanting 'Pump, pump, pump' 'puuuuuuuump'. As well as being super excited I am also super impatient. And now I have a date it is taking foreeeever to get there. What makes it even longer is that I received my pump supplies. Upon receiving them I ripped the packaging open. Faster than I can rip the wrapper off an aero bar (which is really damn fast).  Then I had to give myself a stern lecture on how I was not allowed to put a cannula  in yet, and how I had to wait. Somehow getting a box of cannula's was better than Christmas.

I can just imagine what I'll be like when I actually get Scarlett.

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