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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sick Days

Today I am spending the day lazing about in my PJ's, watching Disney movies. Feeling sick. I haven't had an illness in close to a year now, so I'm not finding it the easiest to cope with. Add to that my diabetes. Apparantely being sick makes my BGLs hate me. Waking up on a 11.2 is so much fun.

I vaguely remember covering sick days with a DE or 2. So I know I have to take more insulin. But how much more, I don't know.  It's confusing stuff that makes me want to lie down and cry with frustration. I have decided on 50% more long acting insulin and a ratio of 1.5 units to 10gm of carbs. It seems to be working well enough. No hypos, BGLs stay on about 10. I need to pee every 30 minutes but I don't know if thats related to being on 10 (really, its not that high when you think about it) or because I'm sick. Whatever. Add to that massive toothache from my last Wisdom tooth coming through. (Note to self:  look into this supposed new dental scheme for diabetics that I keep hearing about. Which may or may not be completely fictional. Depending on if the original rumour spreader was Hi, in a hypo or both at the time of rumour starting.)

I don't mind being sick so much seeing as its the weekend. But I DO mind that it destroyed my perfect BGLs. I had had BGLs (After I FINALLY finished honeymooning and had a chance to figure out my ratios) ranging between 4. 8 - 6.3. For 4 straight days. It felt amazing. Seriously. 4.8 - 6.3. And I'm talking before and AFTER meals. Yup. And now I am sick. Sad face  for the ruination of my perfect BGLs. At least I know it can be done.

So here's hoping that come tomorrow my BGLs like me again, and I no longer feel like Link whacked me multiple times with the Megaton Hammer. (Seriously, being sick never felt this bad before diabetes. I swear).

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