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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rainbow Cake

This past Saturday, I made it to a year with D. The plan was to go and get a celebratory helix piercing. I went to the effort of asking the cool kids down at MyD if there was anything I needed to worry about or do differently.  Morty didn't agree, threw a gigantic tantrum, and demanded the intake of enough food to last a large bear through hibernation. With little to nil insulin. I'm attempting making it to the piercists again tomorrow. Shhhh, no-one tell Morty.

After Saturday's explosion he settled down, staying on a happy 5 - 6 the whole next day. I even managed to attend a 2 year old's birthday party, eat pizza (low carb from Dominoes), a slice of this monster, and be on 5.9 afterwards.
On Monday Morty was tired of his good behavior and was back to his usual habits. Trying to sneak highs in when he thought my mind was elsewhere. What Morty doesn't realise is that after a year, my mind is never anywhere else. For the past few days I have had hypos at night, about 1 hour after dinner, after daytime filled with higher BGLs. Another positive for the whole 'lived with it for a year' thing: I can identify that there are different hypos. Daytime hypos feel like death at 4.0 with sweating, shaking, confusion and extreme hunger straight up. Exercise hypos are basically invisible save for loss of eyesight. And after dinner hypos I don't feel until I stand up. . Once I stand up I generally want to die instantaneously. I've usually hit mid 2's and going down hard (all that extra stuff).

Again, last night Morty tried the old after dinner hypo trick. Ivy, my CGM, told me to go check my BGLs because it was reading me as low.  I had JUST eaten dinner and didn't want food. So my lovely, lovely partner forced me to drink juice. It worked a little. Then he had me eat jellybeans. There was 1 left in the packet afterwards. I still felt low, but flatly refused to eat any more of the magical beans on the basis of "My mouth is too tired to chew". So my man picked it up and ate it. Later that night, after I had recovered from my hypo, I felt a desperate need to shame him like one of those dogs whose necks you hang the placard around. It would have read: "My girlfriend had a hypo and I ate her last jellybean". Only unlike the dogs he wouldn't look guilty. He'd be smiling.

So tomorrow I have to remember to buy more jellybeans, which I should have done today when I was buying test strips. Which I discovered I could have had for free because one of the doctors I work for had expired ones in her cupboard. Screw the 2 year past expiry date, I tested them and they worked fine. Probably don't try this at home. I don't recommend it. Always use in stock testing strips. Only problem is, they work for the meter that has just been recalled. Which is my favourite meter EVER. So sad. Maybe I can just refuse to check my BGLs. Or you know, go back to using its predecessor. That might work.

Now all that's left on my 1 year checklist of diabetes is to get Morty back under control and I'm set to go. Where, I don't know. Onward with life I guess. I survived 1 year, whats 60 more? Alot of maths and insulin, that's what.

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