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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Diabetes Blog Week Day 7 - Spread the Love

As another Diabetes Blog Week draws to a close, let’s reflect on some of the great bloggers we’ve found this week. Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved during Diabetes Blog Week, and tell us why they’re worth reading. Or share three blogs you’ve found this week that are new to you. (Thanks to Pearlsa of A Girl's Reflections for inspiring this topic.)

Arrghhh so hard!!!!! I have read so many amazing blogs this week. 

So I decided to spread the love based on the relatability to my life. By relatability to my life, I mean that they didn't relate to my life (well except that they are about diabetes). I know what it's like to be diagnosed as a T1D as a young adult out of home, without much family-based support. But I don't know what its like to have diabetes from childhood, what its like to have type 2 diabetes, or what its like to be the mother/father/partner/sibling of a diabetic. So I took this as an opportunity to learn about the different situations people are diagnosed in and live with.

1st up - I discovered Meri's blog , 'Our Diabetic Life' - a mother of not 1, not 2 but 3 diabetic sons. I complain about my diabetic costs - she has 3 x those costs and  deals with it all as well as having lost her husband. Mind blown. So much in awe of her strength. Her blog is witty, loving, and emotional. I love reading about D-mum's and just how much they do for their kids. 

On the topic of D-mum's I will take this opportunity to shout out to J, our resident D-mum on MyD. We all know if we have an issue she will have an answer, and one that is helpful. She is also very encouraging, and I love her feedback on my blogs :)

2nd blog I would like to share around a little is that of Carol from 'The 9 Inch Plate'. The wife of a type 2 diabetic, so I was interested in this blog for more than 1 reason, probably the most prominent reason being that I often always wonder how my partner is dealing with my diagnosis. The progression her and her husband have made is amazing - I love seeing how they are a team against diabetes. She also posts some yummy looking recipes that I will have to try out.

Lastly I decided to immerse myself in reading the blog of Jessica of 'Mastering Me'. Yes we both have T1D, but she has had T1D for a lot longer, and was diagnosed as a child. She has had diabetes for long enough to let it slide a little, and have to reinvest herself in her diabetes care. I was super excited as I read to see how she handles everything, because one day in the future, when I have had D for a while, I might hit a bit of a wall, and need to remember that other people have done so and lived through it to. A very inspiring young lady .


  1. I just discovered your blog and will be following it from now on. Thank you for sharing the other D blogs above.
    @Meri's blog wow!I will definitely be following her blog too.I look forward to reading more posts from you xx

    1. Thanks Amina! I just wandered over onto your blog and love it! I think I will send all the non-informed people over to your blog...the articles you write explainig diabetes are amazing :)

  2. Thanks Ashleigh! Its always encouraging to hear such encouraging words from a fellow Type 1 x I was quite blown away with your story of how you found out you were a Type 1 too - crazy! Loving your bright jellybean background too. All the best, :)