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Monday, 3 June 2013

Starting D360

I finally took the leap and signed up for one of those health & fitness programs. Starting small on one of those internet ones. Even better, an internet one run by a fellow T1D.

I got into the swing of it a bit yesterday and cut back my snacking. Which I did. I'm not expecting to be able to do everything at once, just so we're clear. I find I can easily achieve my goals if I work at 1 thing at a time.

So yesterday was all well and good. Went to measure myself, decided it was too cold, so I'll do that tonight. I will probably also complain that it is too cold tonight to put the measuring tape against my skin.

Anyway, today I got up, ate my UNhealthy breakfast of cereal...and chocolate milo cereal at that.(One of the D360 nono's). I had already decided pretty much straight away that the guideline of no cereal was going to be ignored. Just not changing from that. After 23 years you can't tell me to eat anything different for breakfast. Brain does not compute for a prep time of more than 1 minute for breakfast. Even toast takes too long.

I looked online at the list again of nono's, which included all white carbs. It listed my entire food vocabulary. People provided suggestions for what I could replace my white carbs for. In the end I decided with not eating carbs, rather than try new things. I don't do new things. If I haven't eaten it before, I won't start now.

One of the other participants had told us about her delish sounding breakfast of tomato and salmon and spinach and some other thing I had no idea what the crap was. I would eat the spinach. That's it. We're probably getting the picture that I'm a fussy eater right about now. Sad face for me because her breakfast really did sound amazingly yummy.

I did a little better at lunch and had leftover chicken and veg stirfry where the only carb was corn, which is probably white, but seeing as its yellow I will happily ignore that and continue to eat it. 1.5 hours later and I was feeling a little funny. Check BG 3.9, first number below 4 in about 2 months (since the Chris incident). Was happy cos it means that I can probably cut down my basal rate at this time, which is what I am aiming for with the program. Weight loss would be a bonus. Ate 3 jellybeans to combat hypo & walked across to plaza to buy a toner. Hypo returned with a vengeance. No idea what the number was, didn't have my kit on me. Left that at work. Anyway, hypo brained me ruined everything in my feeling like death state and I somehow managed to gurgle out that I wanted a white hot chocolate and indicated to some sort of cake at Gloria Jeans. Scoffed both.

Went to my aunties for dinner and had a very vegetable based spag bol. It had pasta but I wasn't too worried as I just filled up more on meat and veg than the pasta. Besides, its Winter. I probably  definitely should not have started a program like this in comfort food season. But then I remember I don't want to look fat in photos when I go to Japan in September, so will stick with it anyway.

Left Aunties. Sent home with a bag cookies. So I guess today is cheat day. Hot choc and cookies, here I come. We'll try again tomorrow.

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