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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Long Time, No Blog

I need a break! I think right now I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew, and diabetes has taken a back seat. Oddly levels seem to have coped well and have ALL stayed in range, except for the spike to 14.2 tonight because my partner kept passing me sneaky M&Ms in the cinema which I didn't bolus for. 

In the past 2 days alone I have: gone to work, ducked for a house inspection, gone back to work, caught up with one of the most amazing ladies on earth for Chocolatey Goodness, went to my 2nd job of the day, Crawled into bed and died, woke up and then somehow fit 4 house inspections all across the South Side of Brisbane into 1 1/2 hours whilst battling low blood sugars, seen a play of the Phantom of the Opera across town with another amazing Chikadee, gone out for a date night with my leading man and watched "After Earth" and finally come home to relax. 

This just starts my month! Tomorrow I'm driving to the Gold Coast for a birthday lunch for my brother. With cheesecake as a dessert! Yumm yumm.

And so the hecticness will continue, with a medieval banquet next weekend (I get to wear medieval clothes and be all pretty like!) and the following weekend Hugh & I will be braving the chills in Jervis Bay for some sort of a family reunion on his side. 

After that diabetes will be able to squeeze itself back into the picture for my new pump start. In the end, after weeks of comtemplation between Animas & Medtronic, I opted for Medtronic as I already owned the CGMs equipment for it, amongst other things such as the ability to get an external remote and being able to customise skins (I have designed quite a few and just have to pick one to get made now). I've chosen the purple Medtronic & will name it Lewis: The Purple People Eater. I'm very excited. 

Speaking of customisable skins, I ordered a very pretty skin for my Verio IQ! I love it and it helps me want to test...I show it off to everyone, even the non-betics.

I'll have a week to play with my shiny new pump before I ship off to Melbourne for the Connect-In diabetes camp, so that weekend I guess I won't really have an excuse but to try my diabetic best! I'm very much looking forward to this, especially for the chance to connect to other D's. I hope I can grub up some exciting diagnosis stories (I love these so much!). I've never been to Melbourne before so I took an extra day off work and will go down early to see the sights before getting serious with D.

Whilst all this is going on I have to find and move houses; I'm not looking forward to all the packing and cleaning and organising on work days as I don't have weekends to do it. Arghh just thinking about this is going to send me crazy!  

I've pretty much had to abandon D360 this week due to all my running around and things like my fathers birthday dinner, catch ups with friends and everything else already mentioned. I'm sure I gained back the whole 3kgs I lost in the 1st week. Honestly I may have to wait awhile before attempting this again. I also want to start up at a gym, but again that will just have to hold on - probably until after September as Hugh & I have only recently booked our plane tickets to Japan for most of September - so I guess I should organise that as well!

Finally, I'm crazy and decided I don't have enough on my plate so I started SEQ Young Diabetic Catch-Ups, which is based on doing activity days for young adult diabetics who are in the South East Queensland Region during one of our catch-up days. With all that's happening the 1st one is set to be held at the end of July, after Hugh & I should have been comfortably settled into our new rental property for a good week and a half. Pop over to the Facebook and send us a message if you're interested! I will also see if I can advertise the dates/times/locations/etc, on sites like JDRF, where I think they have a meet up section, as well as Reality Check, for those that don't have Facebook. I'm very excited about this group though and I hope it will get people in the D community more active and involved - we'll see. It's also for all types of D, as I've seen that for some reason we are segregated from each other in the diabetes community. Everybody needs support, plus you might learn something else about D you never knew before.

Bring on October and a chance to breath!!! 

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