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Friday, 28 June 2013

How do I hypo? Let me count the Ways

How do I hypo? Let me count the ways.
I hypo in the 3's and 2's and sometimes 1's as well.

  • Mild hypos, where you feel a niggling sense of being over-hot and a little confused, but you can pop a few of the sweet things and move on without so much a second thought
  • Moderate hypos
  • Giggling hypos, everything is funny
  • The hypos when you're too tired to chew your jellybeans so you start choking on them instead
  • The hypos caused by shopping. Secretly, I think retailers are ok with this, because hypo brain doesn't care about prices and just buys
  • The hypos in the supermarket, where you stand in the vegetable isle looking for the funny vegie that you saw a lady walk past with and you just have to eat it, despite not knowing what it is, and knowing that it probably has negligable carbs.
  • The other hypos in the supermarket where you stand in the lolly isle looking at all the choices you have and buying all or none because you can't make up your mind
  • The other other hypos in the supermarket when you talk to your food and the supermarket guy hears you
  • The hypos where your boyfriend gets frustrated because you take soooo long to chew the jellybean or drink the juice. He usually complains of chest pains afterwards
  • The post-coital hypos, when you would rather be cuddling
  • The hypos caused by hot showers, where you feel about to pass out due to a combination of hypo and heat, and your 1st instinct is to get dressed incase so whoever comes to your rescue doesn't find you passed out naked
  • The hypos that take an hour to come out of
  • The hypos where you just keep dropping, so you eat and eat and in the end you want to vomit, which might result in another hypo
  • Olympic hypos, caused by seeing the Aussie team compete
  • Exercise hypos, which you don't recognize until late, and then you have to hobble home slowly so as not to exasperate it
  • The hypos that happen everytime you are running late to something that starts dead-on-time
  • The end of the day hypos, which only happen after long days at work when you can't wait to go home. At least you're prepared and have a gameboy hiding in the car for such occasions
  • The hypos when you burst into tears and cry about that day 9 years ago when your fish died, and how you really miss him
  • Cold weather hypos
  • Hot weather hypos
  • Post-correction hypos
  • Pig-out hypos, when the noms take over and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by empty chip and chocolate packets, with jam donut smeared over your forehead
  • Multiple hypos

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  1. Oh man - I can totally relate to SO MANY things on this list!