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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The 'Healthy' Experiance Day

There's this funny thing happening lately in society (or, at least, the part of society that lives on social media).  I really only thought about how odd it is today. I had a friend on Facebook make a comment on how her day was going, as people do. It started with 'Had a healthy lunch!" followed by a description of her driveway or something equally as everydayish.

I just can't understand how it is that eating healthily/exercising/doing the right thing for your body is now something that we brag about it in society. It's almost become some sort of unusual activity that people do 'just to try' or for 'fun'. I can picture in conversations that one woman might turn to another and go "Oh, you'll never believe what I did last Tuesday! I ate some cucumber. It was very fresh, I might try it again some time".

Being healthy should be a normal part of a day, not something that's actually worth mentioning. Of course, mentioning it must obviously be a motivator to some people. And to some people being healthy is a hobby. So long as you are doing the right thing by your body, I will continue to put up with the 'I ate a salad and did a 5 minute walk' statuses if it gives the status-maker the push they need to eat better and exercise every day.

Doing what's right for your body should be easy, not hard. It shouldn't be something that we have to talk up in order to make people want to treat their body right. We are so saturated in society with images of how easy it is to just go get takeaway. In reality, I find that most of the time its much quicker to whip up something simple. Wraps can take me just 15 minutes to make, including cooking a meat filling and cutting salad. In comparison, take-away foods mean having to put on pants (yes, kicking off pants as soon as you get home is a thing with my generation. I'm sure when you visit old folks' homes in 60 years time, all us elderly folk will be walking around pantless), gather my stuff together, leave the house in search of take-out, order and wait for take-out to be cooked, come home and eat.

Schools teach a lot of subjects simply for the sake of making sure students are able to learn to retain information. Imagine if we swapped out things that might not be necessary to learn to subjects that could help not only students live well in the future, but society as a whole? Do I really need to know when Captain Cook landed in Australia? Its a neat little fact to know if you intend on making a career out of trivia nights. I honestly don't know when he landed, so I really hope it's not something I need to know in order to successfully reproduce or anything important in life.

 Imagine if we taught our kids how to shop smart, cook smart and live healthy? I don't remember making anything involving a salad or vegetables in home ec - but baking scones seems to be an essential life skill.


Reasons Why I Am Low:

It was 5pm. Any excuse for a party.

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