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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pre-wedding conversations

The parmi in front of me looked delicious. A great last dinner for my last night as a single lady. My husband-to-be, myself, our Maid of honour, her partner and our best man had wandered to the pub across the road from our cabin for a warm meal.

 Without thinking I grabbed my meter, lancing device & strips and proceeded to do a BGL check. Something I do so often that its second nature. A normal part of eating.

As my Verio IQ counted down from 5 I absentmindedly sucked the blood off my fingertip before wiping my finger on my pants.

"Is that a habit?" Our best man asked concernedly.

"Yeah." At first I thought he was just being disgusted by my blood-sucking habits. He raised an eyebrow (Our best man has an unnatural amount of control over his eyebrows and often chooses to communicate through various combinations of raising and lowering them).

I understood what that eyebrow meant.

My maid of honour understood what that eyebrow meant. That's when we arranged that she would be keeper of the testing strips once I was in my dress. My biggest fear leading up to the wedding was that I would accidentally wipe blood on my wedding dress. Wiping blood off my finger onto my pants is habit. Not a habit I could afford to do the next day.


I went to clean my wedding dress today ready for selling. It survived. 

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