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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

He Didn't Let the Quaffle In

I don't really pay much attention to my pump these days. Its just always there and I'm used to that. I usually feel really 'connected' to my pump, but I haven't felt that for a while. I finally figured it out. I haven't named my new pump yet, so I haven't been able to make it feel personal to me yet.

So I had to make it personal. Somewhere, packed away among many boxes in my garage, I have a baby name book. "Why Shouldn't I Call My Son Clint?" was picked up by my husband one day at the Eumundi markets, bought home and packed away for much later use.  I braved the cobwebs in my dark garage, and gingerly opened up boxes upon boxes of books. It took a while, because I spent so long making sure nothing hairy with 8 legs and 8 eyes would scuttle out and up onto my arm. It's a serious and well-formed phobia. The kind of phobia that gets cemented into your soul when you have to pull off a motorway because 8 legs and 8 eyes of the huntsman variety are right next to your face as your driving. After assuring myself that I was not going to get attacked and seriously maimed by anything lurking it was time to choose a name.

I worked my way through the names of the Weasley clan. I'm not sure why I decided that I would call it after the muggle-loving redheads. Maybe I've had too much butterbeer of late. Maybe it's rereading the books and watching the movies for trivia. Maybe it was the paint fumes from my self-made death-eater mask.

Ron -  an obvious choice, but a rather mundane and samey-samey option. My handy name book describes a boring and placid life. Diabetes is anything but boring and placid, so I need a pump name that can keep up with it.
Arthur - "...A funny bastard who has lost his keys. He knew he put them down somewhere but for the life of him he can't remember where." Yeah, this kind of sounds like Arthur Weasley. My pump isn't something I want to chance misplacing.
Percy - Described as a tall fellow, who has risque conversations with women. ...Nope. Just nope. Apparently I need to introduce the author to Harry Potter. One cannot simply use a Harry Potter name with a description that does not fit the character.
Bill - "Sometimes a handshake is all you need to tell you that you like a person.". Agreed. Bill is just flat out likeable. Bill was a strong contender for the name of my pump.
Charlie - Educated. Charlie took too many risks. Diabetes and risks are not good companions.
Fred & George  - I looked up the names, but with no real heart. My diabestie had previously had pumps named Fred & George, and I just thought it would get too confusing.

Nothing really clicked. I chalked it up to being in burnout and feeling too disconnected to aptly name my pump. Then I wondered if I was in burnout because I hadn't named my pump...was the lack of personality that I usually associate with my pump hurting my diabetes management?

I didn't name my pump that day.

I named it 3 days later. When I got a fun, purple package in the mail.

Yep. Someone was listening. Now I need a new life goal because that purple Lenny the Lion case is all mine.

It was the motivation I needed. Funny how something seemingly small can make such difference. I mean, it's just a case. But it was fun, and new, and bubbly and made me feel happy. It gave my pump a face. And a name.

World, meet King.

Weasley is our King.

See him, not letting the hypos in with his smart guard. It fits. It's perfect.

Today's reason why I'm Hypo: I was anxious. For no reason.


  1. Ahh I love it! So perfect :D

    1. Thanks Bec!! I feel much better now that I've named him.