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Saturday, 14 November 2015


Happy World Diabetes Day everyone!!

Since the start of November, my facebook has been awash with pictures of smiling, happy, blue people. For those who don't know it, November is Smurf Awareness Month. 

Juuuust kidding. There is a reason for the blue take-over.

November is Diabetes Awareness month (and lung health awareness month look that up) and today is WORLD DIABETES DAY!

This year, we T1's have adopted JDRF's campaign: 'T1D looks like Me' - putting a face to what T1D looks like:

There are a great many things that T1D looks like: Test strips, jellybeans, blood and needles. But what I think we're highlighting most is that we are just normal people. Yes, we walk among you, and you don't even know it. Acting like normal people. We eat the same foods as you. Watch the same movies. Go to social events.

Like baby showers (For a diabuddy, but hey). Where you get to eat blue themed food, just to further the spirit of WDD. 

(Yes, that is blue zero-sugar lemonade))
(...and a blue strawberry)

I feel like I filled my quota of blue. What did everyone else do for WDD this year?

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  1. Love the blue lemonade! Smurf Awareness Month is a success :D

    1. I'm glad we're doing our part for the smurfs. I don't think people realise the struggles they go through, being so small and blue.

    2. At least Kermit the frog got a song out of his green hue! Poor under represented smurfs.